Dover Events : NASCAR at Dover Downs

I went to my first NASCAR race Sunday at Dover International Speedway in Dover, DE.  I never thought I would go to one, but my wife got tickets through her work so I figured if anything, I’d get to experience something new and get a chance to take some photos. It was a 400 lap race so it took 4 hours… a little long for my tastes, but we had a good time. My friend Daran from Thunderbrew and his wife were also there for their first time so it was cool hanging out with friends and experiencing something new. It was EXTREMELY LOUD though! Glad I listened to people and took ear plugs! I’ve played in bands and been to concerts, but I’ve never experienced anything that loud!

The outcome of the race was strange. Jimmy Johnson and another driver were neck in neck all day until about the last half hour. Another car had trouble and the drivers went to their pits. What happened next was weird. The number 1 & 2 drivers ended up in 8th & 10th! Very strange outcome.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos…