Ready to Travel! – Destination Wedding Photographer

I took my family to Mexico last August to a little village about an hour south of Cancun called Akumal.  It was our first “real” family vacation in a long time and it was also my 10th wedding anniversary so we went big.  We found a two bedroom condo called Vista Del Mar right on the beach for under $1000 for a week!  We arrived in Cancun around 6PM and I was shocked to discover it was as humid there as it is here at home!  After we got settled in, we took a walk on the beach and around the village in the dark. There were at least a million stars in the sky! We couldn’t wait for morning!

We woke up to the sun shining through our bedroom window and then walked down to the beach to see what this place looked like in the daylight. It was ridiculously beautiful!  After getting some groceries and wandering the local shops we went fishing. We caught a few red snapper and grouper and took them to one of the local restaurants, La Buena Vida, for them to cook the fish for us for dinner.  It was a great night!

We spent the rest of the week at the beaches, browsing all of the local vendors, and took a day trip down the highway to the city of Tulum to see some Mayan ruins.  This place was amazing!  We were able to snorkel in the bays with beautiful sea turtles and were even woken up one night by security to watch a sea turtle digging a nest on the beach right outside of our condo.  The sand there doesn’t get hot either! It’s made of limestone and coral so it dissipates heat.  Talk about getting spoiled!!

I’m sharing this with you to let you know that I’m ready to go back! If you’re getting married outside of the U.S., I have a valid passport and I’m ready to travel to any destination you choose.

Here are some of the pictures from my trip. I took my back up camera, but for some reason it wasn’t working when we got down there so all of my photos were taken on my iPhone.  I hope you enjoy them.

AkumalAkumalme & the wifeorange coconutsAkumalAkumalAkumalAkumalAkumalTulumTulumTulum