Havre de Grace Vintage Pinup Wedding : Mandie + Mark

Mandie & Mark are an awesome couple! They contacted me a while back to see about hiring me for their wedding. After hearing the details, I couldn’t do anything except hope that they wanted me! If you needed to come up with a “theme” for them it would have to be Vintage Pinup & tons of Tattoos. Obviously they did like me.

I met them in Baltimore to recreate their first date for their engagement session. That was a blast!

I met the ladies in the carriage house of the Spencer Silver Bed & Breakfast. The boys were in the main house. Mandie was with her sisters and mother getting ready so I checked out what details needed to be shot and then went to work. There were so many little things to get brought up to speed on I had a hard time keeping track! Mandie is a monster planner!! After getting ready Mandie & Mark were driven down to the lighthouse park for photos before the ceremony. We shot the family and then the couple and as we started to head back to the house… it started to rain. 🙁  It was a bummer, but luckily there were tents set up for the reception and the rain didn’t really kick in until the end of the ceremony. All their friends and family huddled around them under the tents. It was really sweet!

Everyone that showed up was dressed in vintage clothing and looked so damn cool! They were a complete riot and danced all night. Mandie and Mark had an amazing day, regardless of the weather. Take a look at the following photos and if you like them, leave a comment below.