Tthe Cordrey Center Wedding : Heather + Jason

I love being a Delaware Wedding Photographer! Especially when a Bride to be calls almost 2 years before getting married and wants to hire you because she just loves, loves, loves your photos. We shot their engagement photos last year and that was great. These two are really in love with each other and even though Jason plays tough, he’s a teddy bear when it comes to Heather. Well the big day finally came around. I met Heather and her girls at the Med Spa in Lewes, DE to shoot them getting their hair and makeup done. It started to rain when we were leaving, but it did hold up just enough to get the ceremony in. The Cordrey Center put on a nice spread and as you can see, Heather is a crier. Her dress was stunning! Her dad brought his Nova and I used it to do some of the Bridal portraits. I had a great time and was honored Heather wanted me to document her special day for her. Here are some of my favorites: