Manhattan Engagement : Ilene + Eran

I love being a Manhattan Engagement Photographer! Especially when my clients want me to shoot somewhere I don’t get to too often. And especially when they say they want to shoot in Manhattan, NY! Ilene’s mom found me on the inter web and after meeting them all at my conference room (Starbucks) they hired me. Ilene & Eran had lived in the city and that’s where they wanted their engagement session photos taken. Me & my daughter took the train up super early to cruise around the city before it was time to shoot. We met Ilene & Eran in Central Park around 92nd street in the Upper West Side. They took me to a few locations they liked and then we headed out into the neighborhoods. We ended up shooting at Cafe Lalo which in case you didn’t know is where they shot some scenes for “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. I love that movie! That was super cool!! From there we wandered around some more before calling it quits. Here are some of my favorites from the day: