I love being a Delaware Wedding Photographer! I met Sarah last year at a Starbucks nestled in a Safeway for our first client meeting. She brought along her maid of honor, tiny little Taylor, and she hired me. I shot their engagement session earlier this year at their farm. That was a blast! In the blink of an eye 7 months flew by and it was time for the wedding. I met the girls at one of the Bridesmaid’s home. When I got there one of the girls looked familiar and said the same thing about me. Turns out she did the hair for one of my 2012 Brides. Small world! Once ready we headed over to the Marvel Museum down the road. It just so happens that on this day it decided to rain… all day! But we kept chins up and had a great time. The ceremony was sweet and only had a couple of interruptions/moments stolen by their little boy. The reception was fun and event though it didn’t go all night a good time was had! Sarah & Chad left to get on the road to start their honeymoon in Nashville. Here are some of my favorites from the day:


I love being a Delaware Wedding Photographer! Especially when I get to witness something special from a couple. Meet Theresa & Andrew. Theresa contacted me to have me photograph her vow renewal ceremony. She said the first time around they didn’t have a professional photographer, but wanted one for this special occasion. I don’t know the details, but evidently they had been through some rough times. They have three beautiful children and it was a pleasure to be able to document such an important time in their lives. Here are some of my favorites from the service:

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I love being a Wedding photographer! Especially when someone finds me as far away as Tennessee. Meet Lacey & Luke. They live in Tennessee, but will be getting married here in Dover next year. Her grandparents live in Dover now, but used to live in Chestertown, MD & that holds a special place in Lacey’s heart. I agreed to meet them there while they were in town visiting her grandparents to shoot the engagement session. It was a little chilly, but still a beautiful day. Lacey & Luke brought a few outfit changes & we got to work. The charm of Chestertown is really super. I’ve driven through a number of times, but hadn’t walked around so this was a good time for me. We ended up getting to know each other and getting some great photos. Here are some of my favorites:

Lacey has a fashion blog too: www.aglimpseofglitter.blogspot.com so check it out if you’re into clothes!


I love being a Delaware Wedding Photographer! Meet Anna & Jake. They were married at Pizzadili Winery in Felton, DE. That’s right, we have winery & vineyards in Delaware! I started the day by meeting the girls at All About You Hair Salon for some hair & makeup shots. From there we headed to the winery to get ready. What a neat little gem the winery was! The girls started to get ready and I scoped the grounds for shooting locations. Once I got some of the details and getting ready shots out of the way, I met up with the boys. Jake & his friends are a couple of characters.

When it was time for the ceremony, Anna’s uncle drove her and her dad over to the ceremony in his antique car. The sun was setting near the water where the ceremony was to take place. It was very beautiful! After there ceremony we took care of the family shots and then had some fun with the Bridal Party. From there we got ready for announcements and the first dance.

The reception was fun and the families had a great time. After cutting the cake from Priceless Confections, the dancing continued until the end. It was a little warm that day (actually it was 90 degrees!), but I don’t think they could of had a better day. Congratulations!


I love being a Destination Wedding Photographer! Erica’s mother found me and forwarded my information to her daughter Erica who lives in Baltimore. I was hired without a meeting and they were too busy with school to do an engagement session so I was going in cold to shoot the wedding. I don’t normally work that way, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it went perfectly! The weather was perfect, the venue was beautiful, friends and family were amazing! I was shocked!!

Erica & Michael’s wedding was planned for the small park in Lewes right next to the reception venue. If you haven’t traveled to Lewes yet you must! It’s a mini Hamptons! The reception was held at the Inn at Canal Square off of Market Street. Super venue! Catering was provided by (I was super pumped when I found out) Touch of Italy. I actually ride 45 minutes to their restaurant a lot. It’s like visiting a deli up in in NY! Flowers were provided by Bryan of Ovando Floral Design in NY. They drove down first thing in the morning to make it and created amazing arrangements!

I met with Michael and some of his groomsmen first since the girls were still getting all done up at the salon and started shooting his details. Once the girls arrived I headed to their room and got to work. The ladies were loving their purple silk robes Erica got for them and didn’t want to change! When it was time, we headed to the park to start the ceremony. It was beautiful. When it was over they had a receiving line and I started to get ready for formal/family pics. After that we got to work on the reception and snuck back out during the night to do some silly shots and sexy time photos.

This wedding was so much fun! Erica & Michael have great family members and their friends are crazy! Really!! And there was some crazy Celine Dion thing going on too. Take a look at the photos & see for yourself. Leave a comment if you like them.


Mandie & Mark are an awesome couple! They contacted me a while back to see about hiring me for their wedding. After hearing the details, I couldn’t do anything except hope that they wanted me! If you needed to come up with a “theme” for them it would have to be Vintage Pinup & tons of Tattoos. Obviously they did like me.

I met them in Baltimore to recreate their first date for their engagement session. That was a blast!

I met the ladies in the carriage house of the Spencer Silver Bed & Breakfast. The boys were in the main house. Mandie was with her sisters and mother getting ready so I checked out what details needed to be shot and then went to work. There were so many little things to get brought up to speed on I had a hard time keeping track! Mandie is a monster planner!! After getting ready Mandie & Mark were driven down to the lighthouse park for photos before the ceremony. We shot the family and then the couple and as we started to head back to the house… it started to rain. 🙁  It was a bummer, but luckily there were tents set up for the reception and the rain didn’t really kick in until the end of the ceremony. All their friends and family huddled around them under the tents. It was really sweet!

Everyone that showed up was dressed in vintage clothing and looked so damn cool! They were a complete riot and danced all night. Mandie and Mark had an amazing day, regardless of the weather. Take a look at the following photos and if you like them, leave a comment below.


I really love shooting seniors! I like to set up my senior sessions like fashion shoots. It’s a great way to get out of the boring “school” sessions and let the seniors incorporate their likes and wardrobe selections to let themselves shine. Breana is graduating from Dover High School with her head on right. I was really amazed at her work ethic and where she’s planning on going  after school. We met at the Governor’s House in Dover and then wandered the streets looking for great backgrounds. She brought a few wardrobe changes and we selected what would work best for each location. We had a great time! Here are some of my favorites: